Dell Laptop Charger

What Are the Best Dell Laptop Charger for 2023? 

When choosing a laptop charger, you should show some pickiness. Buying the first charger you see is not a good idea because chargers come in a variety of designs. There may be a higher wattage, longer cables, a chunkier brick, or different inputs. All of these elements should be taken into consideration when making a decision, but make sure you pay attention to the price since it can vary greatly.So, whether you’re looking for a new Dell laptop charger or replacing a broken one, these are the best Dell laptop chargers you can buy right now.

Chargers for all laptops are not compatible, however. Similarly, Dell laptops have a variety of AC ports and USB-C ports, and some AC ports are larger than others.

Best Dell Laptop Charger

The best Dell laptop charger might not be compatible with your hardware, even if it’s better than the rest. Check each charger’s product page for compatibility before making any sudden purchases.

A Dell 65W Type-C AC Adapter comes in at $60, making it the most affordable one, but it doesn’t have as much power, so it is slower to charge and not compatible with gaming rigs. This is why we also included a Dell 240W AC adapter. Yes, it costs $136, but it’s useful for laptops that require a lot of power when playing games

The Dell 130W Type-C 3-Prong AC Adapter and Dell 130W Slim Power Adapter are nearly identical to the first two entries, with the main difference being the wattage. However, this also increases the price to $89 for both. A 1-year limited warranty does not appear to be included with the Dell 130W Slim Power Adapter.

AC Adapter for Dell 90-Watt 3-Prong


  • Wattage: 90Cable
  • length: 3.2ft
  • Warranty: Limited one-year
  • Price: $67

Why You Should Buy:

  • Many laptops are compatible with this product
  • Price that is affordable
  • Lightweight and slim

A Dell AC laptop charger with 90-watts and 3-prongs is the best combination of affordability and quality. It costs $67, which is cheaper than most chargers in this category.

It’s on par with most Dell laptop chargers, although the cable is a bit short. You may need an extension cord if you are more than a few feet from an outlet.

A one-year limited warranty is included since this is a Dell product.

Free replacement is provided if your charger stops working within this period.

Dell 90-Watt 3-Prong Slim AC Adapter is slim and light, making it ideal for traveling. Before purchasing, make sure the cable is compatible with your laptop.

Dell’s official website has a lengthy list of compatible items (opens in new tab).

Dell Laptop Charger
Dell Laptop Charger

65-Watt Dell Type C AC Adapter

The specifications are: 

  • Wattage: 65Cable
  • Length: 3.2ft
  • Warranty: Limited one-year
  • Price: $60

The Reasons for Buying:

  • Connects to USB Type-C devices
  • Travel-friendly
  • Wattage low

Dell’s 65-Watt Type-C AC Adapter is similar to the previous entry in terms of its affordability and performance.

As a USB Type-C charger, however, its usage is fundamentally different, and depending on your setup, it might not work.

Due to the charger’s lower wattage, it also charges more slowly.

Even so, it’s hard not to be swayed by its $60 price tag, making it the most affordable.

Additionally, it’s much smaller than other Dell chargers, so if you plan to travel with your laptop, it’s a great investment.

The power brick should be portable, especially if you already have other items in your pack.

Its product page lists compatible laptops.

Dell Laptop Charger
Dell Laptop Charger

240-Watt Dell AC Adapter

The specifications are:

  • Amount of wattage: 240
  • Cable length: 6ft
  • Warranty: Limited one-year
  • Price: $136

The Reasons for Buying:

  • Wattage is high
  • Cable of a long length
  • It’s a bit chunky
  • Affordably priced

In this list, the Dell 240-Watt AC Adapter is the most expensive laptop charger, but it’s worth it.

Since it was designed primarily for Dell’s Alienware series, its wattage is high enough to keep up with a gaming laptop.

It’s also rather chunky, so it’s not ideal for long trips.

In addition to having the longest chord on this list, it also comes in at six feet long.

This results in a Dell charger that costs $136, making it more expensive than either of the previous two entries.

On the other hand, if you use an Alienware or Precision laptop, this might be the right choice.

Check out its product page (opens in new tab) for a full list of compatible laptops just in case.

Dell Laptop Charger
Dell Laptop Charger

AC Adapter for Dell 130-Watt Type-C

The specifications are:

  • Wattage: 130
  • Cable length: 3.2ft
  • Warranty: Limited one-year
  • Price: $90

The Reasons for Buying:

  • Type-C connector for convenience
  • A lightweight design
  • Wattage is high

Dell’s 130-Watt Type-C 3-Prong AC Adapter is very similar to the other USB Type-C charger on our list.

Its primary change is its increased wattage from 65 to 130. Because of this, it costs $89.99, whereas its weaker counterpart costs $30 less.

As for its other features and flaws, they are similar. It’s lightweight and easy to travel with, so it’s perfect for people constantly on the go.

The cable is rather short, however, as is the case with most other Dell AC adapters.

A three-foot extension isn’t long, so unless you’re always next to an outlet, consider purchasing one to ease frustration. Most often used with XPS, Precision, and Latitude laptops. Check the product page (opens in new tab) to ensure your laptop is compatible with your model.

Power Adapter for Dell 130 Watts

The specifications are:

  •  Amount of wattage: 130
  • Length of cable: 3ft
  • The warranty is: None
  • The cost is: $90

The Dell 130-Watt Slim Power Adapter is a higher-wattage version of our favorite adapter, but it’s also more expensive.

The wire on this adapter is only three feet long. As it isn’t particularly heavy, it makes it good for portability, and the high wattage increases charging speed, so if you want to charge your laptop quickly, this might be the charger for you.

This Dell 130-Watt Slim Power Adapter is compatible with certain Dell XPS, Inspiron, and Precision laptops.

For a complete list, please visit Dell’s product page (opens in a new tab).

Its lack of a one-year limited warranty makes it less desirable if a defect appears, unlike the other laptop chargers on this list.

Dell Laptop Charger
Dell Laptop Charger

Choosing the Right Dell Laptop Charger

Choosing the right Dell laptop charger comes down to a combination of factors.

A $60 charger is the cheapest on this list, while a $136 charger is the most expensive.

Additionally, Dell laptop chargers are not compatible with all Dell systems.

Make sure what you’re buying works with your product since ignoring this fact can lead to a lot of problems in the future.

Additionally, wattage can increase laptop charging speed. It’s especially useful if you’re using a gaming laptop, like the Alienware m17 R4.

Dell’s cable selection varies from three to six feet, so an extension cord is probably a good idea. Finally, we look for chargers that are slim and portable. Backpacks shouldn’t contain bricks.

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