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What Is BlockChain Backer?

You will either be helped on your crypto journey by crypto-related YouTube channels or you will be hindered by them. There are some that are outright scams! How does Blockchain Backer fit into the wonderful world of Crypto-YouTube? Here’s what we find out!

This is our third review in our series of reviews we have been doing on crypto YouTubers, for those of you who are new to Crypto Fireside. Our first interview was with Drew Vosk from the popular VoskCoin crypto mining channel, and in our second interview, we looked at a channel called Crypto Kirby which we argued was a bit dodgy.

Who Is Blockchain Backer?

It’s important to know who creates the financial content you consume. I always advise taking what someone says with a grain of salt if they are anonymous. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re out to scam you, or run away with your money, or tell you to invest in some Ponzi scheme, it’s a good idea to be cautious when dealing with anonymous people who give price predictions.

As far as the infamous Blockchain Backer is concerned, I have been unable to find a name for the husky-voiced crypto-YouTuber, but I did find some interesting information about him. Based on what I have been able to find out so far, here is what I have found out.

BCB is North American, and his YouTube bio states that he is based in the United States. Although I’m not an expert on accents, it sounds like he has a southern twang.

Goals of the Blockchain Backer’s Course

The objective of his work is to change the way the customer thinks and provide you with a clear perspective. The world’s most unpredictable market can be much easier to navigate if you understand how it has operated in the past. It is his goal to assist you in charting a course ahead that will give customers confidence and conviction in your choices.

You can learn how to generate your own charts, create your own cryptocurrency exit strategy, or understand how digital asset market cycles have worked in the past. He does not offer you financial advice, but he is providing you with the tools to help you make responsible decisions.

Using TradingView chart indicators and tools, reviewing previous market cycles, forecasting the next bull market cycle, how rebalancing portfolios mathematically leads to higher returns, research price history for digital assets and cryptocurrencies, exit plans for Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, and Ethereum, additional TradingView chart indicators, and using stoxx

He has also included his own spreadsheet for monitoring bitcoins in this course. For monitoring your own cryptocurrency, you may download it and adjust it to your preference.

He insists you’ll learn essential knowledge you’ll remember for the rest of your life after spending long days and late nights pursuing this course.

BlockChain Backer Pricing

In most cases, bitcoin instruction courses cost between $150 and $300, or they require a subscription service with recurring fees. He claims to have worked hard to provide the most detailed information possible, and he priced the course so that it would be affordable for everyone. His goal is to have you feel that you got much more value than you paid for at the end of the course. Additionally, he hopes it will inspire you to shout about the Blockchain Backer Exit Plan Strategy Course on Twitter and tell your friends and family about it!

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Non-XRP Coin Analysis by Blockchain Backer?

The videos I find somewhat interesting are when BCB stays away from emotional XRP hyperbole and avoiding calls for bottoms and tops as well as making wild, unsubstantiated predictions.

Obviously, those types of videos are a helluva lot more boring but I just cringe when I see these YouTubers making prediction after prediction and getting it wrong as they almost always do in a bear market, and they seem to be able to predict the rise of certain coins in a bull market because that’s what happens in a bull market, no fettuccini crystal ball necessary!

The following video is an example of the type of video I am referring to:

If BCB kept making videos like these (above), I’d be a fan. But I think he is going to continue making silly predictions about the price of Bitcoin that he will continue to get wrong, just like he did here where he said that he was “70% confident” Bitcoin had hit its bottom…only for it to crash from 22k down to 18k.

You can watch his videos yourself, so I won’t go through every single one and break them down. Since so many young, inexperienced, and just general newbies listen to people like Blockchain Backer and assume he knows what he is talking about, I thought I should do a video and review some of the content on this channel. But, frankly, he knows as much as the next guy who “studied” crypto and trading by watching YouTube videos, which is not much.

It is evident that the Blockchain Backer is likable, makes high-quality videos, and has some understanding of the markets and knows how to analyze them technically. To a certain extent, I repeat.

I wouldn’t take any of his advice, I wouldn’t pay for any of his courses, and I certainly wouldn’t listen to any of his ideas or advice about XRP because we know he is incentivized to shill it since he owns it.

I prefer to call it honest, but if BCB sticks to creating news and historical analysis instead of cringe-inducing price predictions on coins he owns, he might find himself a few new fans!

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